What Have I Become...

So about a year ago, at the beginning of the first lockdown I decided I needed a hobby something to get me through the summer instead of being stuck at home and help keep me sane so I took up mountain biking. 

Ian has always been into bikes since a young age, the first gift i ever bought him after we became a couple was a Mongoose Logo 2012 BMX, he still has this and still cherishes it to this day, which i definitely appreciate. A few years ago his friend got him into mountain biking which became a huge passion of his from that moment on and it really inspired me to get started, earlier in the year and through summer I found myself watching Red-bull TV bikes channel & subscribing to MTB youtube channels i'd started to grow a small obsession with the sport without even having a bike. I should probably explain, I have always been a tomboy at heart and loved skateboards and bikes as a teen but felt i grew out of that stuff as i got a bit older, although it was always there inside somewhere my OG tomboy ready to come-out to the world again. Due to lock down & other things happening I.e. life I couldn't afford a bike, I was keen and kept searching online for something cheap and cheerful to get me started but Ian insisted I needed something good to begin with, this way i would enjoy myself more and have all the right kit from the off instead of worrying about things going wrong with my bike along the way (I have to say he was right, money definitely talks in this sport). Finally after growing so much of an obsession just from watching videos and bike channels throughout the summer my 30th birthday was approaching and with the help of family birthday money I treated myself to the LIV intrigue E+1 PRO, it is a beast of a bike i have to say, this certainly helped the obsession grow stronger. I love nothing more than tinkering with it and learning how the bike works, this is aided by me now building a jump bike from scratch which i cant wait to unveil when its ready. It's now a real issue, I order several bike related items a week now, I have 6 deliveries due tomorrow... I know! I've gone a bit mad, but its such an infectious (and expensive) hobby i love it.

It's the perfect way for me and Ian to spend time together and get us out of the house during these unprecedented times, I now find my self checking out other riders bikes when we're out on the trails, Ians auto response now is "geek" I know he loves it really. Anyway to cut a long story short, I have a problem, my obsession is growing stronger but its the best feeling to have something to focus on other than work and everyday life, these can be so stressful & mountain biking is the perfect way to switch off, phones off, lids on and out we go, it's time to shred. 

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