X5CAPE To Llandegla One Planet Adventure Mountain Bike Trails - November 2022

I had the pleasure of riding with some of our ambassadors at Llandegla one planet adventure last weekend on the X5CAPE MTB Adventures Group ride. The Mountain bike trails are absolutely beautiful, and it was great to get some exercise while we were there (if you know Llandegla you'll know what I mean). I took Laura's Liv E-MTB for a spin and it performed perfectly - I loved it! I may have to buy myself one... We had a lot of fun riding along the winding trails and enjoying the views. Thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful ride - you made it an unforgettable experience!

Llandegla mountain bike trails are well-maintained, and you can explore them at your own pace. Because of their terrain, there is a lot of elevation gain and loss throughout the ride, which makes it great for fitness and endurance riders alike. Overall we had a great time & we hope to so more of you next time too, Join our Facebook Group, X5CAPE MTB Adventures to keep up to date on any of our next planned outings, or follow us on instagram to keep up to date on all of our daily deals, newstuff & giveaways

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