Surprise Boxes - How It Works

Surprise Boxes - How It Works

Check out our surprise boxes! They're Only £10, £25 Or £50.

You Can Chose From Either Our Basic Box, Premium Box Or Diamond Box, & here's what you could get.

Basic Box:

1 Surprise Item Valued Between £10-£25, not matter what you receive you'll never loose out, When you buy this box you'll receive a surprise item chosen by us from our standard stock items.

Premium Box:

1 or 2 Surprise items valued between £25-£50 as above, you may even receive a limited edition collectable item, signed and numbered, these boxes give us free creative reign and cant wait to see your reactions to your items on insta.

Diamond Box

1 or 2 Surprise Items & 1 Accessory, as above plus ,one item being an exclusive item that isn't even on our site! You can only get these in our diamond surprise boxes, Minimum Box Value Of £50 Or Above

Subscription options coming soon...

If you order 2 of the same boxes you'll receive double the goodies ;-)



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