Laura's First Attempt At A Ramp

Laura's First Attempt At A Ramp

A bit of a throw back this week for our mountain bike blog, i recorded this video at the beginning of summer this year well before my back injury and just thought i'd share it with you all. I'd not long since finished my jump bike build and finally got my awesome Halo T2 Wheels put on and i couldn't wait to get riding it, so this is where this video came from, my new bike excitement! I'm not amazing on the bike by all means, i have terrible balance, which is something I'm working on every day but this little sesh really helped build my confidence on the bike.

Even though it's only a small ramp i took a good few run ups before i even hit the ramp at first, i kept chickening out of it, mainly because i was on my own and i didn't have anyone to encourage me, but once Ian arrived to help me my confidence was boosted a little and I started to give it ago. and then low and behold George arrived and it was play time for the lads. 

Check it out below: 

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