Custom Long Sleeve Jersey With Sponsors

Custom Long Sleeve Jersey With Sponsors

Our Latest Custom Jersey Addition is our Custom Long-sleeve Mountain Bike Jersey With Sponsors. You can customise and upload your own sponsor logos and add them to one of our jerseys. Here's an example of our customers latest creations:

This Custom Jersey Features Logos From:

Bonesmend Collective:

Rooftent Utopia:

Specialist Motor Caravan Services:

Heres How to Create Yours:

Step 1:

Choose Your Jersey Colour...

Step 2: Choose Your Size...

IMPORTANT! Remember To Choose Your Size Before You start customisation otherwise Small size will automatically be added to your cart when customisation is complete and you'll need to start the process again to correct the issue. 

Step 3: Start Customising...

Now you can start customising your jersey, you can choose your X5cape logo design & colour, add your own race team name, upload your sponsor logos and crop accordingly, and even add your name and race number to the back. 

Step 4: Once Your Happy Add Your Design To Cart. 

Please bare in mind our print process, single colour logos and block writing will turn out best for print, if lines on the logo are too delicate or 'sketchy' this may pose an issue for printing, however please dont worry, we've been doing this a long time, if any issues come up for your design we will be in touch before printing to assist in getting it sorted & the design perfected for you. Also printing colours may vary slightly on uploaded logos but our colour match will be as close as possible and if any issues arise we will be in touch. 

If you have any Enquiries regards X5cape Custom or Jerseys with sponsors don't hesitate to get in touch via the chat icon or via email:

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